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Passage Photos - S/V "Rebecca" - Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe to Bequia, Grenadines - 500 nm - Feb 2003

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Route: Guadeloupe to Bequia & back - 500 nm Tom, Bob, Frank & Capt Bob - Marina Bas du Fort


Bob Naylon, with Rebecca gliding nicely to weather Frank Ross at Rebecca's helm


Capt Bob enjoys a moment, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia Tom Hughes up close with the Pitons, St. Lucia


Rebecca at anchor, Admiralty Bay, Bequia Square rigger nudges it's way through Marigot Bay


Tom Hughes enjoyed his nights best sleeping on deck "Ghettoman" Cumberland Bay, St. Vincent


A Ketch resting at anchor - Cumberland Bay Quaint little bayside home - Cumberland Bay


Bennies restaurant - Cumberland Bay View east as we leave Cumberland Bay


Frank Ross atop the mast - Bequia, Grenadines Tom Hughes buying some fresh bread - Bequia


View of Rebecca from the masthead - Bequia View of harbor & town - Admiralty Bay, Bequia


Four little girls walking to school stop to say Hi, Bequia Capt Bob and Tom pouring over the nav work


Carnival - Saint Pierre, Martinique Carnival - Saint Pierre, Martinique


Tom navigating & Frank updating the weather log Two fishermen setting their nets - Saint Pierre


View of Saint Pierre from seaward - Martinique Bob Naylon enjoying an early morning moment


Bob up from the nav table to see the Pitons - St. Lucia The beach at Gosier, Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe showing our rental car tour route Bob & Bob - Pointe de Chateaux, Guadeloupe


Fort Delgres - Built by the French in 1643 An arch on the parade grounds - Fort Delgres


View in the town center - Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe Street market in Saint Ann - South coast of Grande Terre


The beach at Saint Ann - Grande Terre Lots of colorful dresses & beach towels - Saint Ann


Purveyor of fine seasonings - Pointe de Chateaux Atlantic swells smashing on the rocks - Pointe de Chateaux


View looking SE from Pointe de Cheateau Saint Ann beach at sunet